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Puncetto Valsesiano: Part 3 – Foundation Thread

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 4, 2010

Sorry for the long hiatus between tutorials. I cut my left index finger while making a salad. It was not very photogenic, so I put off taking the photos. Then the Jewish High Holidays intervened. But I’m back with the next step, starting a Puncetto motif on a foundation thread. This starting technique is suitable for square and rectangular motifs.

Important note (thanks, Marina, for pointing this out): I have made the stitches large and loopy so that they are easier to see. When you work the foundation you should make the stitches much smaller and closer together.

1. Measure enough thread for the width of the foundation plus a couple inches (for securing the tail later).

2. Hold the thread between your left thumb and index finger, with the tail hanging down and the needle in your right hand.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.1

3. Anchor the tail firmly between the second and third fingers of your left hand (see the photo for step 7 below).

4. Place the tip of the needle under the foundation thread as in the photo below. The loop above my thumb is the “wrap” of the stitch around the needle.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.2

5. Wrap the thread around the needle, counter-clockwise (see the lesson on making the stitch if you need a refresher course in forming the stitch).

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.3

6. Pull the needle upwards through the loop and gently tighten the stitch. Do not worry if the first loop, held between the thumb and first finger, isa little large. You can tighten the loop later by pulling on the tail when  you have a few more rows done.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.4

7. Make another stitch (knot) on the foundation thread. The photo below shows how I’m grasping the foundation thread between a couple fingers to keep it taut.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.5

8. Make enough stitches for the width of your motif. The exact number will depend on the size of your squares.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.6

9. When you are finished working the left-to-right row, start working the right-to-left row, without turning the work.

Puncetto Valsesiano 2.7

7 Responses to “Puncetto Valsesiano: Part 3 – Foundation Thread”

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  3. Natalie said

    I have been trying to find a tutorial for this kind of lacemaking. I am so grateful that you took the time to show us this beautiful, delicate art. Thank you so much!

    I just have a quick question though. How do you do the right-to-left row without turning the work? haha…I’m stumped.

    Thank you again!

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  5. Marina said

    Hi Avital. Remember me?
    Your instructions are well done. On these pictures, I see that you spaced the stitches for vision purpose. I don’t see written the stitches should be together: no big loops between them.

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