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Goodbye, Vacation — Hello, Real Life!

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 20, 2010

Initial Call-up Notice

We just got back from a five-day sauna — er, vacation — in the Hula valley region north of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). It was hot. And humid. Yesterday my husband and I walked 17 kilometers in the heat. That’s no exaggeration! He checked on the hiking map. We walked from the Yesud haMaalah junction to Yesud haMaalah itself, north to Dubrovin farm, north to one of the Hula nature reserves, south back to Dubrovin farm, where we had lunch, back to Yesud haMaalah, then back to our hotel at the Yesud haMaalah junction, with a short detour to the cemetery.

As for real life, my son, who will be 17 in September, just got his first army call-up notice. He’s growing up so quickly! He hasn’t yet decided whether he’s going to go in as soon as he turns 18 or whether he’ll do a program for the first year. Right now we have to start gathering all the medical documents.

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