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Favourite Photos of May 2010

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 9, 2010

I just realised that I haven’t done a “favourite photos” posting for months! I was in the doldrums about this blog for a while, I admit, and I was going through a difficult period.

On May 5, I finally succeeded in photographing the rising sun lined up with the twin towers of Amman, Jordan.

Twin Towers of Amman

May 12 was Jerusalem Day. Because my son’s band was playing on one of the floats for the Flag Dance, I went to photograph the crowds. This guy’s motto must be “More is more …”

Jerusalem Day, 2010

Panorama photo of the crowds waving flags on King George Street near the Sheraton Plaza hotel.

Jerusalem Day 2010 Panorama

My son’s band, moving towards the Dung Gate, with the Temple Mount in the background. If you think it’s tough shooting low-light images, try shooting something that’s moving! My son is bending over, on the lower left side of the photo. The boys had been playing for 2.5 hours  and were knackered.

Jerusalem Day, 2010

I also took a few photos of flowers and plants. Caper flower, taken with my husband’s Samsung point-and-shoot. (Don’t underestimate those cheap little cameras; often they have pretty decent macro functions.)

Caper Flower

Hammock spider on a rosemary bush, photographed with the same camera.

Step into my parlour....

Faded rose, photographed with my DSLR (must have been repaired by this time):

Faded red & white rose

Cycad in the setting sun. There’s something about those primitive plants that attracts me.

Cycad: Shadow Angles

A chance photo of a palm tree in the late afternoon. The sun was at just the right angle.

Palm Trunk

Tiny myrtle flower with an even tinier crab spider camouflaged in the center. Photo taken with the Samsung 639.

Tiny Flower, Tinier Spider

One Response to “Favourite Photos of May 2010”

  1. Great shots! Love the sunrise and the last flower. Thanks for posting.

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