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Mini Clone

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 14, 2010

Mini-Me Clone

Why am I shiny and covered with sweat? Because I had set up the tripod and was trying to take these photos in my livingroom 5 minutes before I had to catch the bus to work. It’s not a very inspired example but I’m satisfied with it as a trial run.

I was inspired by Amber and Funky Slug’s mini clone work. Thanks, Amber, for the tips! Amber has some great mini clone photos. Funky Slug is in the 8th photo. They’ve never met in person, just collaborated while sitting or standing on her laptop. Here are Funky Slug’s mini Amber & Slug photos. This one’s my favourite.

Update July 17, 2010

Funky Slug reminded me that I forgot the shadow, so here it is:
Mini Me with Shadow

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