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Knitters at Village Green

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 7, 2010

Follow-up to WWKIP

Yesterday I was invited to photograph a “knitting in public” event. This wasn’t World Wide Knit in Public Day, although it is related to that event, which was held in June, so one could call this a WWKIP+ day.

A little background info: Haya M. (in the left foreground of this photo) organized a WWKIP at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem (details of that day are here). Last night, in her words, was the second part of the effort:

We did part one [of WWKIP] on June 15 in the lobby of Shaare Zedek hospital. However, since our goal was not only to knit in public but to use the event, in my personal case, to thank the hospital for the excellent diagnostic, surgical, and follow-up care that I received there (as did several other participants) and to use WWKIPday to unite fiber fanciers who’d not previously known one another, instead of just accepting the sponsorship of some yarn shop, then sitting outside it, each to knit or crochet “her/his own thing” we joined forces to create squares, then join them into infant carriage blankets and lap robes for cardiac vascular surgery patients who sometimes feel chilly during recovery in the hospital and find the standard quilts provided by the hospital too large and heavy for this task. Since our goal was met beyond our wildest anticipation, we did not complete more than a single blanket that morning. People are still sending in squares–which btw are a great way to make swatches or try a new pattern stitch. So I decided to invite the members of our once per month Tues evening, senior knitters group , friends (like you) and friends of friends to come help us continue this project at our usual venue the Village Green restaurant. Barry, the owner was most supportive. As you know the weather was perfect–a balmy Jerusalem summer evening (between 6 and 8 PM.

In the photo above are five of the regular “One Tuesday a Month” knitters and Caitlin, Barbara’s Haya’s granddaughter.

Barbara is sewing together squares, including the heart motif square that she designed.

Follow-up to WWKIP

By the way, I wasn’t a free-loading photographer — I sewed enough squares together to make a baby blanket! It was a lovely, cool evening on Jaffa Road.

Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

For an hour and a half, everyone pretty much ignored us at the Village Green restaurant. Then, ten minutes before I was about to leave, a group of high school girls showed up and a couple were interested in joining the effort. One showed off the crocheted flower hair ornament that she’d made.

Follow-up to WWKIP

Naama and Yardena returned, sat down at our table, and learned how to sew squares. They are interested attending the next meeting on August 3, to bring their own knitting and ask questions.

Follow-up to WWKIP

Today (July 7, 2010), the blanket-sewing effort is continuing at the weekly meeting of the KnN (Knit ‘n Nosh) group in the 60+ club above the Ramot Bet library in Jerusalem.

Update: If you are interested in joining the Tuesday evening seniors’ knitting group, get in touch with Ayala Goldberg.

3 Responses to “Knitters at Village Green”

  1. Miriyummy said

    Looked liked a lovely event. The WWKIP Day in Ra’anana was hot and sweltering, but we did get some great discounted iced coffee. Knitting outside on a pleasant Jerusalem evening seems a dream!

  2. haya meyerowitz said

    Almost perfect, Avital. Your photos and comments totally capture the lovely feeling of yesterday evening. One small but vital correction however, Caitlin in MY granddaughter. Many thanks, Haya

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