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ILAN Campers in Mitzpeh Nevo

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 2, 2010

Teenage Volunteers with Ilan Campers

In photo above: Amichai, Benjy, and Yuval. I took this photo from the front balcony. I liked the shadows.

This Shabbat two busloads of ILAN campers and their volunteer companions (two per camper) are staying in our neighbourhood. ILAN is Israel’s foundation for physically disabled children (more info here). My son is volunteering with the camp for a week. I just found out a few hours ago that the boy that he is accompanying needs a place to stay, so he will be with us. Ivan is 15 years old and originally from Russia. Since he walks with crutches, he was able to manage our stairs.

Binyamin, my son, is 16. He seems to be very good at helping Ivan manage the toilet and shower. At the moment they’re hanging out in the kitchen, drinking tea and chatting.

This evening the campers and volunteers will be eating in the Bnei Akiva building. Binyamin and Ivan will be sleeping in our spare bedroom and eating lunch with us tomorrow. Ivan doesn’t speak English but he speaks reasonable Hebrew, so we’ll manage!

Teenage Volunteers with Ilan Campers

Teenage Volunteers with Ilan Campers

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