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Observing a Wedding Photography Session

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 25, 2010


My officemate Yinnon got married on June 13, 2010. Because of the recent death of his grandfather, he and Rinat decided to have a smaller celebration than originally planned, so I was not at the actual ceremony or reception. I did, however, manage to tag along for half an hour when they were getting the pre-wedding photographs done!


The photographer was Orr Zahavi. I’d never heard of him before, but I really liked his work. A couple days before the wedding I asked Yinnon if it would be okay to watch him photographing them in the Mahane Yehuda market. He readily agreed.

The day of the wedding, Masha (my other officemate and a close friend of Yinnon) and I took a taxi to the shuk and waited by Basher’s cheese shop for 15 minutes. Masha called Yinnon, who told us to wait in the parking lot by the derelict Alliance high school. We waited. And waited. And waited. Rinat was still at the salon getting painted and lacquered. 🙂 Yinnon was in a car with his friend Amitai, circling the block, and occasionally sending text messages to Masha: “I see you”… “I see you again.”

Eventually we were told that Mahane Yehuda was off the game plan because it was now quite late, and that the photos would be taken in the neighbourhood of Nahlaot, so we moved to a bench and waited another 20 minutes. By that time we had been waiting for an hour and a half. At least the weather wasn’t too hot.


I have a yoga class that I go to on Sundays, so I only tagged along for about half an hour. The photographer was friendly and we chatted briefly about HDR and his London photos while Rinat was having a wardrobe malfunction fixed by Masha behind a big silver reflector. He thought I was Chinese because of my accent (?!) and mentioned that he had studied Chinese medicine for seven years, during the same years that he has been a wedding photographer.


Doorway in Nahlaot. The number “18” is auspicious in Judaism because the Hebrew letters for the number “18” also spell “life” (chai).

Stop the wedding!!!!

I love this photo because it’s so bizarre. Yinnon and Rinat had just emerged from the car, the photographer was unloading his gear from the trunk, and Masha and I walked up to meet them. Masha threw her arms around Yinnon’s neck, while Yinnon was holding Rinat’s hand. The look on Rinat’s face is priceless. That’s why I gave this photo the tongue-in-cheek title, “Stop the wedding!”


I took this photo just behind the photographer, through the iron fence. It will be interesting to see how the photographer deals with that bar sticking up out of Yinnon’s head, since his angle was approximately the same as mine and we were both quite far from the couple. They were standing on a second floor walkway, outside Yinnon’s flat, and we were at the level of the courtyard.

At this point, Rinat and Masha were yelling across the courtyard in Hebrew. I wasn’t paying much attention because I was trying to get this shot, until I looked over and noticed that Masha was holding up a mini-pad. Rinat had smudged her make-up and needed to fix it. She couldn’t get into Yinnon’s flat for a tissue because Yinnon had left his keys in the car, several blocks away. I had tissues in my backpack and handed a few to Masha before I left to catch a bus home.



7 Responses to “Observing a Wedding Photography Session”

  1. Karen R said

    Wonderful pictures – and I’d follow that photographer around, too 🙂 I love the door with the 18 tiles, and the shot of the couple through the wrought iron is great!

  2. pam said

    Look at you! These are great images. Wish you could have followed this beautiful couple around for the whole day.

    I love the first shot of the series especially. The couple looks so happy. And some fun shots of the photographer in action. What a generous fellow to allow you to join him.

    The bar in the last shot? In these digital days, it can so easily be removed! I wonder if the photographer will choose to do so.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time tagging along and watching the official photographer, and I to love the “stop the wedding” shot… Her expression is hilarious…

    • Avital Pinnick said

      When Yinnon saw that photo, he wrote, “This is hilarious. Trust Masha to get me in trouble on my wedding day!” I suppose one advantage of NOT being the official photographer is the freedom to post a shot like that.

  4. aswirly said

    Congrats to your friend, and how fun to tag along. Looks loike you got some nice shots too 🙂 Love that one of Masha hugging the groom. Priceless. haha

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