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Jerusalem Light Exhibit 2010

Posted by Avital Pinnick on June 11, 2010


This past Wednesday (June 9), the second Jerusalem Light Exhibit opened. We enjoyed it very much last year and agreed that it really needs more than two nights to see everything. Because we started with a dinner (belated celebration of my husband’s birthday), we agreed to do the two less crowded routes, the green and red trails. The green trail runs from Tzanchanim Square (the New Gate) to Zedekiah’s cave (a 2nd Temple period quarry) just past the Damascus Gate. The photo above of the San Salvador tower of Terra Santa Custodia was taken a couple blocks in from the New Gate. (Handheld, photographed in RAW).

The Damascus Gate had a colourful animation projected on its facade.


Zedekiah’s Cave was lit with swirling blue and green and purple lights to suggest an underwater cave. It was quite appropriate, considering that this cave always seems to be wet inside. The bubbles emitted by a bubble machine behind a photograph of a diver suggested darting fish. At the far end of the cave was a light installation with  lasers and a digitized, vividly coloured projection of swimming fish. Clear inflatable panels suggesting water were placed between the viewers and the light installation to suggest water. That’s why this photo isn’t very sharp.


The plaza in front of Jaffa Gate was filled with what looked like glowing bullrushes (this display is part of the orange trail, which we hope to do next week).



Along the red trail I grabbed this quick photo of Pyromania, the music, dance, and light troupe, over the fence (this year they are charging for the performance). They were excellent last year. I hope we manage to see them this year.


Light sculptures along the way…


Fish in a net

Zion Gate was turned into a gateway into an airport, with sounds of boarding announcements and moving escalators. Because they hadn’t closed the gate to traffic, the sight of cars driving into an airport concourse was striking.

Zion Gate

Instead of fighting your way to the stands for a map, you can get one from young people wandering around with am illuminated “i” attached to them. Nice idea!

Mobile information booth

4 Responses to “Jerusalem Light Exhibit 2010”

  1. Looks like that was a great evening out Avital… and you got some real nice colourful shots too… I wish they had something like this over here on a regular basis…

  2. aswirly said

    Oooh how spectacular!

  3. Avital Pinnick said

    Thanks, Amber and Funky! I went back for a third night last night with a tripod. I’m half dead this morning but looking forward to seeing the photos.

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