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Survival in the Matzah Wilderness

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 4, 2010

Yesterday we took a wrong turn and got lost in the matzah wilderness. We trekked for hours in the blinding sun, across the barren, flat sheet of matzah with no water in sight. Suddenly, the plateau came to an end. We stood on the edge of a high cliff, looking into a deep ravine below. Matzah Canyon! (Insert spine-tingling  music here)

Oh no! How will we ever get across?

Matzah Cliff

We followed a wild goat trail along the edge of the cliff. Slowly we made our way down the cliff face, clinging to the sharp crumbly edges until we reached the bottom of the canyon.

Descent into Matzah Canyon

At the bottom we had no choice but to follow the canyon’s route. Although we had hours of  hiking along the bumpy, crumb-strewn canyon floor ahead of us, at least it was shadier than the plateau above.

Matzah Canyon

Is it my imagination or are the walls of the canyon getting smoother and less steep? Could we be approaching the mouth of the canyon? And … what’s that blue I see in the distance?

End of Matzah Canyon

It’s the river! We’re saved!!!!

Matzah River

Photos taken with Canon PowerShot S5 in macro mode. Plot loosely based on a disastrous hike many years ago on which Baruch and I ended up engaged, although we could easily have ended up dead. But we didn’t, so here I am photographing matzah instead of eating it. 🙂


2 Responses to “Survival in the Matzah Wilderness”

  1. Love the river (well love the whole story). I’d like to taste the matzah..

  2. pam said

    I just had to forward this post to my sweetie. He has become a great fan of your sense of humor and he is going to totally love this post.

    Every single day I find more about you that is amazing. To find a story and fascinating images in a piece of bread – something more to appreciate.

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