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Netanel’s Bar Mitzvah Party and Camera Woes

Posted by Avital Pinnick on April 2, 2010

Netanel’s mother asked me to make a short video of the boys dancing, so here it is. Sorry about the sound quality of the first clip. The circle started getting larger and larger, so some of these guys were singing rather close to my camera than is optimal. I was standing on a chair and at one point had to move backwards, stepping from chair to chair. Light is always a problem when making videos indoors at night. A dedicated video camera would have produced better quality in this light. I was using a Canon PowerShot S5, an older, high-end point-and-shoot.

And it looks like my PowerShot and I are going to be friends again for a little while. Near the end of the evening the autofocus on my Canon Rebel XSi simply packed in. One minute it was working, the next minute, nothing. I couldn’t press the shutter and get it to work unless I detached the lens. At home I tried it with a number of different lenses and had the same problem, so I can rule out a damaged lens as the cause. I found a thread on the Web about autofocus problems with the Rebel line. Well, wadya know… If I switch to manual focus and jiggle the dial, I can work the shutter, albeit focusing manually. That’s not going to be a lot of use for shooting the bat mitzvah on Yom Atzmaut, unless the girls are drugged first.

My barely functioning camera & warranty

I discovered that my camera is still under warranty. 🙂 I bought it on April 24, 2009. Less than a year ago? It seems like I’ve had it for much longer. This on-line store is the same place where I bought my Speedlite recently, so I know they’re still in business. If this means having to get the camera body repaired at whatever official place Canon uses, I’ll probably have to borrow or rent a body for the bat mitzvah. According to the info, I can send it by registered mail to Petach Tikva and the company will pay for it. Now I just have to figure out how to pack the thing….



4 Responses to “Netanel’s Bar Mitzvah Party and Camera Woes”

  1. Cynthia said

    Oh, too bad! I hope they can get it back working soon.

    • Avital said

      Thanks, Cynthia! I’ll have to borrow or rent a camera body in the meantime for this bat mitzvah. During Passover I can’t do much because places are closed but I’ll have to start calling around on Tuesday.

  2. Cyndi said

    Broken camera :{ under warranty =)

    In the meantime you can use my xti, it may be older, but in perfect condition since I seldom want to lug it around. I wish my s3is would crash (not really camera gods), so I’d have reason to upgrade. I do love it tho.

    Good Luck & thanks for sharing the video.

    • Avital Pinnick said

      Gee, thanks. Are you planning on flying to Israel within the next couple weeks? 😉 The S3 is a nice camera, if a bit heavy for a point-and-shoot. I have an S5 and I really do like it for some things but it’s a bit bulky and heavy. OTOH, after several months of carrying around the XSi, the 5S will seem like a featherweight!

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