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Double Rainbow

Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 18, 2010

Double Rainbow

Yesterday my husband and I took the day off and ran around Jerusalem. I’m glad that we went out on Wednesday, when the weather was balmy and pleasant, because this morning the weather was windy and rainy. At one point I looked out the window and saw a beautiful double rainbow. I ran outside, wearing my nightgown, to the balcony with my camera to photograph it. It was really windy. At one point the wind blew my nightgown around. I was profoundly grateful that (a) no one was home, (b) the balcony walls are solid, and (c) we live on the top floor.

The photo below is a panorama stitched with Photoshop from three shots. The match isn’t perfect because I wasn’t using a tripod or manual settings. Just pointed my camera in three directions and took the photos!

Almost forgot to add that I used a polarizing filter, which really makes the colours pop and increases the cloud definition.

Double Rainbow Panorama



3 Responses to “Double Rainbow”

  1. How beautiful.

  2. vincent said

    just spectacular, Avital. That picture is yours indeed! congratulations for capturing that rare event.

  3. aswirly said

    This is an amazing rainbow! Gorgeous. GOod thing you used a poloarizer too 😉

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