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Posted by Avital Pinnick on March 8, 2010

Red Anemone

After some very heavy rainfall around Purim, just over a week ago, we’re now seeing some beautiful wildflowers. I still haven’t been able to get out to the desert yet. These were taken on my walk this morning.

The red flower, although it looks like a poppy, is an anemone, distantly related to buttercups, I’ve heard. is a poppy! Just got confirmation from my wildflower expert.

Red Anemone


Seed puff

I photographed this purple flower a few days ago. I hope to have identifications for all of them soon (have to rely on someone at work who took the official Israeli tour guide course).

Purple Anemone



One Response to “Wildflowers”

  1. pam said

    These images take my breath away! Unbelievably sharp. Beautiful compositions. Great color saturation.

    I don’t know what the blue flower is, but your shot of it is just amazing.

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