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Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 16, 2010

Temple Mount

Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

We were stuck in traffic on the way to work this morning, just outside the Mt. Scopus tunnel. Fortunately, I had my 250mm telephoto lens in my backpack, so I got these two shots when we weren’t moving very fast. How many other people get a view like this on the way to work every day?

The gold dome is the Dome of the Rock, a mosque built between 695 and 681 CE. It is built on the site of the Jewish First and Second Temple, so Jews call it the Temple Mount or Har haBayit. Most of the blue tiles date back to Suleiman the Magnificent, who undertook its restoration. The gold dome was refurbished by King Hussein of Jordan in 1998.


2 Responses to “Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock”

  1. worksofhands said

    thanks for the info, Avital. makes me wanna visit Israel. ^_^

  2. pam said

    Lucky you – stuck in traffic flowing so sloely you were able to get this shot. Seems you had an excellent view from where you were sitting.

    We have a couple views of Mt. Hood that are perfect from the freeway – but I have never had your luck – stalled traffic at the same time I had a camera in the car!

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