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Cat Pants

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 12, 2010

Poor Vincent. He must be so upset that his initial was stitched upside-down. Silly me β€” the letter was a last-minute request from Masha after the pants were nearly finished and it never occurred to me that it would be inverted when the cat was posed on his hind legs! Mind you, I wasn’t altogether certain that they’d get the cat pants on in the first place, despite Masha’s assurances that Vincent is an abnormally docile cat. A neutered tom with a 23″ waist? I should say so.

Here are the finished cat pants, right after I had fastened the yarn ends. The outfit is based on a Russian comic strip. Vincent’s owner, a friend of Masha’s, was presented with a cat ensemble, including hat and scarf, at her birthday party. I presume she’s the one holding the cat in this photo.


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