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Locked Out & Modeling the Orenburg Shawl

Posted by Avital Pinnick on February 1, 2010

Masha and I got locked out of our new office this morning.

Wait, back up, Avital.

In our last installment of the Adventures of Yinnon and Masha (Yinnon’s birthday party), I mentioned that Yinnon and Masha were moving out of my room to the seventh floor. They finally moved at the end of last week. The big surprise was that I went with them. Two other technical writers were asked to move into the new room so that their seats could be given to systems engineers. One of the writers got quite upset about having to move. I had a look at the new room and decided to offer my old place to the miffed tech writer and move upstairs to be with my old office mates. (I wouldn’t move for just anyone, guys! I’ve been in that room for three years and loved it.) The fourth person, Chaim, was also a former office mate in that tiny office in the corner, so we all know each other’s foibles.

Chaim gave me a key to the room last night and I left it on my desk. We never locked our old room, so it never occurred to me that I would actually need to use it. Masha hadn’t yet come in since last week so she didn’t have a key. Chaim left last yesterday and locked the door.

We called security and waited. And waited.

I set up my tripod (which just proves that a girl should never go any place without her tripod) and cable release while the executives started arriving and went into the conference room at the end of the hall. We have a room in executive row, which is why we have a nice couch and painting above it; the rest of the building doesn’t look like this.

I took pictures. We were feeling sorry for ourselves. I’m on the right, in the green hat.


Locked out of our room


Locked out of our room

Security guy: “This is really your room?”


The real reason I brought in my tripod and cable remote was so that I could photograph myself wearing the new shawl. So here it is, folks — me and the shawl.

Orenburg shawl

Oops — camera angle is a little low. Took this shot before I remembered to raise the tripod.

Orenburg shawl

Orenburg shawl

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