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Project 365 – January

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 31, 2010

Today is January 31. I’ve managed to take a photograph every day for Project 365, although it wasn’t easy when I was tired or busy. These are the photos that I liked the most from January.

This pigeon was eating seeds in the park just after dawn. I had been trying to photograph the twin towers of Amman but realised that I just didn’t have a long enough lens to get a decent shot, so I started photographing birds instead. These brown pigeons look more interesting in the golden light of sunrise. Actually, almost everything looks better in that light!


These hyraxes were sitting unusually close together in the wadi. Sometimes they’re spread some distance apart or not even out of their burrows. This photo was also taken shortly after dawn, which is why they look redder than usual. The hyraxes live in a well-established colony near my home, so they’re an easy subject to photograph. The wadi is quite steep, with a fence separating it from the sidewalk, so one needs a decent telephoto.

6/365 - Hyrax Quartet

The kashrut supervisor at work is kashering the liver by broiling it over a high flame. I love the expression on his face. He really seems to enjoy his work! When I asked him if I could photograph the process he insisted on posing. I gave him a copy of this photo the next day and he was delighted.


It was one of those dark and rainy mornings when there seems to be nothing to shoot. And who wants to take a camera out in the pouring rain at that hour? The sun hadn’t yet risen. I pointed my camera towards the window and focused on the shadows of the raindrops hanging on the screen. The lights of the E1 police station on the opposite side of the wadi blurred and merged like a Venn diagram.


My son’s hands. I know this shot is a cliché but I liked it. He was playing at the time, so I had to use a flash and a fast shutter speed to get a clear shot.


Here are a couple that didn’t get into Project 365, mainly because they were taken on the same rainy day and I had to choose one photo! Isn’t it terrible when you have too many choices? 🙂

Maybe I should have chosen the raindrops photo below instead of the other one. I’m still not sure.

Lights through Rain

Cyclamen in Rain



One Response to “Project 365 – January”

  1. pam said

    These were definitely some of my favorites for January too! Funny thing about the “cliche” shot – is always works!

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