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Finished Orenburg Shawl

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 31, 2010

Orenburg shawl

On the blocking wires:

Orenburg shawl

I’m not sure when I started this shawl but it’s been on the needles for far too long. Last night I realised that I only had another 7 inches of the upper edging, so I sat and knitted it until I came to the end. Then I turned the corner and grafted the last stitches. Ugh. I don’t think I will ever love the Russian method of grafting stitches!

The mitered corner is, in my opinion, a bit too tight for a 45-degree corner at the ends of the triangular shawl, although it works for the 90-degree corner at the bottom. I had to block the corners into submission to get them to lie flat. I also had difficult with the length of the edging matching the diagonal upper edge of the shawl. Maybe I knitted the edging tighter than the body but it had to be stretched rather hard during the blocking stage to eliminate puckering.

The shawl pattern is from Gossamer Webs Design Collection: Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit. I will probably try the square medallion shawl in this collection in the future.

I just had a look at my previous postings on the subject. It looks like I started in August.


12 Responses to “Finished Orenburg Shawl”

  1. Norma said

    BEAUTIFUL! Think I’ll have to order me some blocking wires for my next lace shawl.

    • apinnick said

      Blocking wires make it really easy to block shawls with straight sides and pointy edges. I finished knitting the shawl last night and then wet it in the shower, spun it in the washing machine, and blocked it, within about half an hour.

  2. JulesM said

    It’s so pretty! Love that color. Really nice job, thanks for sharing. I don’t think I’d like the Russian grafting, either :o)

  3. June said

    Lovely work, Avital. No modeled shots? 😉

  4. Debbie said

    That’s gorgeous, Avital! Maybe I’ll get to see it IRL one day… Yes, we’d like to see it modeled.

  5. Cynthia said

    SO beautiful! I’ve had an Orenburg shawl on my to-knit list for about 15 years now, inching its way towards the top. Have you done others?

  6. maureen said

    I am very impressed with your shawl. I have never knitted a lace shawl and certain have never done Russian grafting. Where would I find out about it? Also you mention blocking wires. Are these readily available and if so, what sort of shops. I am in the UK

    • apinnick said

      The techniques for Russian grafting are well explained in the book, Gossamer Webs Design Collection. I have a link above, at the bottom of the posting. As for blocking wires, I googled them along with “UK” and it looks as though they are available but rather expensive. I will send you a couple links.

  7. Renat said

    Dear Avital: I am writing for the blog (in Russian) on knitting Orenburg lace shawls all over the world. I would like to translate part of your post (with pictures) to Russian and publish it in my blog. Could you please give me your permission to do it? Definetely I will make a link to your webpage in my post.

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