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Timna Trip – Some People Pictures

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 11, 2010

Someone pointed out to me that I don’t post enough photos of people, so here are some people shots from our department trip to Eilat.

This is one of those things that can only happen in Israel — on the plane, we couldn’t bring water but we could bring guns. (Note: in Israel, organized tours must be accompanied by a certain number of medics and guards. That’s the law.)

Actually, the guns go with the checked luggage. They were bagged, tagged, and stowed at Ben Gurion airport. My friend handed his M16 rifle to the security checker and was asked whether he packed his own bag. Oh, the irony! Here he is claiming his rifle at the end of the flight, in the Eilat airport.

Gun claim at the Eilat airport

A lull in conversation at breakfast. I love Livio’s hat. He’s normally such a conservative dresser.


Masha wasn’t feeling well that day, so she spent the morning chilling out on the boat.


Asher wants to be the first person to have juggled on top of the Timna plateau.

Juggling on the plateau

A good dinner, with plenty of wine and barbecued meat. Dosey didn’t drink all that wine single-handedly but it makes a good photo.

A good dinner


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