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Random Morning Shots in the Park

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 8, 2010

Actually, a random half hour of shots. I left the house at 6:30 with the DSLR, hoping to photograph the sun shining on the twin towers today. Alas, the weather did not cooperate: clear and sunny in Maale Adumim, partly cloudy in Amman! But the few test shots I did of the silhouette indicated that there’s a lot less grain than the photos I took with the S5. A tripod makes a big difference. I’ll try next week and hope that the angle of the sun doesn’t shift too much. Otherwise I’ll have to mark this time in my calendar next year!

I figured that as long as I was outside with a camera and trying to post a photo every day, I might as well point my lens at other things, so here are a few random shots.

This is the abstract shot of the spiral slide, which I posted as my Project 365 photo today. The rising sun created some interesting shadows and a golden hue. The close framing was chosen to make the shot more abstract and to reduce the rather uninteresting sky.


Waning moon, cropped. Actually the sky was fairly light at that hour of the morning (around 6:30) but a “correct” exposure would have overexposed the moon’s surface, so this is deliberately underexposed.

Waning Moon

Hooded crow perched on a fence, framed by the chains of a swing. Although the golden light makes him look like he’s clutching a blood-stained tissue in his claws, I think it was actually a chocolate wrapper.

Crow on Fence

Abandoned book on photography, left in a pile of old books on a wall. What a funny coincidence! Published in 1966, so rather out of date, but I took it home anyway.

Abandoned Book

Park bench. The shot isn’t very well composed or creative. I just liked the contrast of the golden light on limestone next to the teal colour of the bench.



One Response to “Random Morning Shots in the Park”

  1. Rhonda said

    ooh, that last photo almost looks like a printed circuit board.

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