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Reflection of Sunrise on Twin Towers, Amman

Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 7, 2010

7/365 - Across the Jordan Valley at dawn

Boy, some days I really wish I had a monster telephoto lens (or knew someone who could lend me one). I’m not sure whether it’s possible to rent a lens in Israel but this was one of those spur-of-the-moment shots.

Yesterday, I was walking around with my new Canon 55-250mm lens, hoping to get a shot of hyraxes. At 6:45 I glanced over towards the east and saw the rising sun shining off the southern tower of the Amman twin towers. The shots I took with the Canon Rebel XSi were disappointing (no tripod!), but I got somewhat better results this morning with the old S5. The result was a bit noisy, but okay. It was cropped considerably (hey, an S5 is a point-and-shoot, after all).

I used a Slik mini-tripod. I find it a lot easier to use the S5 with the small tripod because I can flip out the LED viewfinder and adjust the composition, instead of bending over close to the ground to peer through the viewfinder. Yes, I know I could use the Rebel’s Live View feature but that sure eats up the battery fast and I don’t use it often enough to switch to that mode without checking the manual.


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