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Posted by Avital Pinnick on January 3, 2010

Last Wednesday I went to Timna on a day trip organized by my department at work. We boarded a plane at Ben Gurion Airport and flew down to Eilat in 35 minutes. Timna is a famous site known for its copper mines, dating back to the sixth millennium BCE. We were offered several activities. I chose the hike to the plateau.

Views from the plane. I was seated over the wing, so this required some stretching and manual focusing, with the lens close to the window.

View of Arava Desert from Plane

Timna Plateau

View of Arava Desert from Plane

It was quite a steep climb and not easy with a DSLR and a heavy backpack. I managed to sling the camera over my right shoulder so that both hands were free and it wouldn’t swing against the rocks.

At the beginning I was near the back of the group.

Hiking to top of Timna Plateau

I was near the front of the group at this point. You can see some of the others on a relatively level part. Yes, we really did climb from those hills below.

View from Timna Plateau

Ascent to the Timna Plateau

Mushroom rock formation (not the famous one in the Timna Valley) beside the hiking trail:

Mushroom Rock Formation, Timna

View from the top. The mountains in the background of the first photo are in Jordan.

View from Timna Plateau

View from Timna Plateau


One Response to “Timna”

  1. pam said

    I am amazed at how much this terrain reminds me areas in Arizona, southern California, and Utah! The Painted Desert, Death Valley and Canyonlands! I have taken identical images or seen identical views! Thank you so much for packing around the gear so you could share this adventure! Just blowing me away! Unfortunately everything I have is on film so I can’t just send proof!

    But trust me!

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