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My First Corporate Photo Shoot

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 27, 2009

Corporate Portrait

I was asked by someone in PR at our head office to shoot portraits of some of the guys in marketing. I told her that I wasn’t a pro, just an enthusiastic amateur with a DSLR, and that I was willing to give it a go. I was so nervous for the first shoot that I booked an hour of the guy’s time and shot 22 frames in 3 locations in 12 minutes. Yes, 12 minutes. I even considered — for a split second — dropping my camera on the stairs… I was lucky that my first “guinea pig” was very pleasant to deal with.

The shot above was taken in the company’s fanciest conference room. When I tried to book it, I got a phone call from Logistics informing me that I did not have clearance to book such an important room. Fortunately, the guy I was photographing has clearance, so I asked him to book it for me.

The photo below was taken in a lab with lots of racks. I don’t have clearance for that room, either, but was able to get permission from security to use it temporarily. Next time I’ll be more careful about the rack/server placement in the background.

I didn’t notice that he’d put on his glasses for this shot. I think they make him look more approachable. Next time I’ll watch out for that.

Corporate Portrait

The last one (I actually did several more but they’re variations) was shot in the office, in front of a white board. It wasn’t very clean, so I had to retouch the handprints and smudges in the background.

Corporate Portrait

One down, five more to go!



3 Responses to “My First Corporate Photo Shoot”

  1. pam said

    Great job! I think you were too worried about this! You really made your subjects appear relaxed and engaging.

  2. Devra Ariel said

    YAY! You did great. I’m sure they will be more than satisified. If you look on the marketing site there are a ton of this type of photos and yours are much better than many that are there (guys on desks and that sort of thing). I can’t believe I forgot to tell you to look there. On second thought, probably better you didn’t. I like the last one best, I think. I assume you’ll send her all of them and let her choose?

    • apinnick said

      These shots are for the guys themselves to keep, so that they have a choice if they’re interviewed. Interestingly enough, the one that he liked best was a shot similar to the second one. I think it’s because he looks friendlier with his glasses on. It certainly wasn’t one of the better shots from that session.

      I never thought of looking at the marketing site! You’re right, that they like shots of guys perched on desks. Thats what the samples they sent me looked like. I don’t feel I used the lab setting to very good advantage, so I’m going to enlist a reasonably tall friend and try to set up more shots and angles to see what works.

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