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Orenburg Shawl Update

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 16, 2009

Orenburg Triangular Shawl Update

On the home stretch! I’ve worked about a foot of the last edging. I wasn’t sure of my Russian grafting abilities and, to be honest, it seems a little vulnerable to have the entire diagonal edging attached by a chain of stitches that would unravel if one of the strands broke. So I decided to knit the edging onto the edge stitches. Every third row, one selvedge stitch of the edging has to be grafted to two stitches of the body. To keep track of those two stitches, I ran a couple yards of waste yarn along the edge to remind me.

This triangular shawl pattern is from The Gossamer Webs Design Collection.


3 Responses to “Orenburg Shawl Update”

  1. sophie_vf said

    oh, I love this! I love knitting lace but haven’t done so in ages (I vowed to finish a sweater first).
    I admit I am not excited about grafting though – I tend to knit shawls that don’t need it.
    You’re doing beautiful work here.

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