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Agrippas Street at Night

Posted by Avital Pinnick on December 3, 2009

I had to see the endodontist again last night. Thank heavens that job’s done. Here are a few photos I took on my way to the bus stop at Binyanei haUma.

Infected Mushroom in the Old City

This sign at Binyanei HaUma just struck me as funny. Infected Mushroom is an Israeli trance band. The juxtaposition of the name and the traditional painting of the Old City caught my eye. The locked box on the right is for food (yes —food!) donations for the poor.

Hanukkah and Infected Mushroom

New in the Neighbourhood

Empty new apartment block beside an old block of flats on Agrippas Street, Jerusalem.

New in the Neighbourhood

Agrippas Street, Jerusalem.

Dancing in the Street

Three Breslaver Hasidim beside their van blaring loud music, parked in front of a liquor store on Agrippas Street. These men are from a subgroup of the Breslovers, colloquially called the Na Nachs from their use of the saying, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman. For more information, see Rolling with the Na Nachs, the most high-spirited and newest Hasidic sect (HaAretz, 25/05/2008).

Three Breslaver Hassidim

Known for their big white stocking caps, vans with loudspeakers, and their dancing in the streets, they are highly visible. Their purpose is

to drive around and dance to spread joy to the people. This is the most well known and also the most crowd pleasing. Both types of “missions” are referred to as a haftza, a Hebrew-derived expression denoting “spreading,” and participation is strictly on a volunteer basis. In recent observations, the van crews appear to be succeeding in their mission of spreading joy. Many observers who are not Na Nach can often be seen joining in the dancing. (Adam Molner, HaAretz)

Dancing just out of the line of traffic:

Breslaver Hassid Dancing on Agrippas St.


One Response to “Agrippas Street at Night”

  1. Karen R in GA said

    Infected Mushroom – shoulda known it was a band name, but as I really don’t like mushrooms as it is, I just went immediately to a bad place 🙂 They’re slimy when they’re good – how would you know if it was infected? LOL

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