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Cat Pants

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 30, 2009

That strange knitting commission I mentioned in October has come back to haunt me. Masha and her friends want me to knit a pair of pants for a particular cat, like the ones on this cartoon character.


She just sent me the cat’s waist circumference — 59 cm! That’s 23 inches. This is like knitting pants for a child, except that the legs are a lot shorter. No wonder this cat is on a special diet.

I asked her whether they’d taken the measurements correctly, pulling the tape snug around the “waist”. Indeed, they had. She did warn me that he’s a very big cat. Apparently the colour isn’t critical, so we agreed on bright red.


One Response to “Cat Pants”

  1. […] are the finished cat pants, right after I had fastened the yarn ends. The outfit is based on a Russian comic strip. Vincent’s owner, a friend of Masha’s, was presented with a cat ensemble, including hat […]

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