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Embroidery Preparation

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 23, 2009

I took a couple shots of the preparations for the Lady and the Unicorn embroidery.

The first photo shows the fabric (21×29 inches) in the process of being marked into a 10×10-stitch grid with thread. The finished size of the piece will be 18×23 inches.

Gridding fabric

Sorting the floss on the table with the leaf extended was my husband’s idea. I didn’t count the total number of skeins but it’s over 150. It took me about two hours to cut 18″ pieces and sort them into 153 little bags according to colour combo and symbol.

I’m missing three skeins. DARN. But I’ll still be able to start the embroidery. I have to remember to pick up the missing colours fairly soon.

Sorting floss

Next: ironing the fabric and stretching it in the scroll frame. My frame is only 21 inches wide, so I am going to fold the overlap underneath. I hope it doesn’t affect the tension too much. If the center is too lose, I’ll either roll a dish towel between the layers or look into buying dowels to extend my frame width.


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