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Setting Aperture with Macro Extension Tubes

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 17, 2009

Macro Extension Tubes

I picked up this handy hack from a review of these macro extension tubes. (For some reason, these particular tubes are not available from, only That’s a pity, because they only cost £6, far less than Kenko and much less than a macro lens.)

  1. Set your aperture.
  2. Press the lens release button to remove your lens.
  3. Hold the button down while you put the extension tube on the camera body. When it clicks into place, you can release the button.
  4. Click the lens into place on the tube.

Very easy. Not rocket science. You get deeper depth of field, which is a good thing because focusing with macro tubes is not a lot of fun if your hands aren’t perfectly steady. These tubes have no electronic connections, so there is no autofocus.

This trick works with my Canon Rebel XSi (450D). I haven’t tried it with other camera brands.

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2 Responses to “Setting Aperture with Macro Extension Tubes”

  1. […] extension tube. I’m finally starting to get the knack for holding it straight! I used the aperture hack that I […]

  2. […] I don’t have a macro lens. I used my cheap, white-box, made-in-China, no-name extension tubes. Because there’s no electronic connection between the body and the lens, the focus is manual and you’re kind of stuck with the aperture (= very shallow depth of field) unless you use a workaround. (I blogged about the aperture workaround in another posting, Setting Aperture with Macro Extension Tubes.) […]

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