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White Lilies Update

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 10, 2009

White Lilies update

I’ve still got a cold. This is a good day for dragging out a mindless project, my never-ending White Lilies from Golden Kite. This pattern, which I won in a trivia contest when I belonged to a cross-stitching list, is a “mini” version of one of their larger designs. It is 90 stitches wide, 130 stitches high, and has 98 colours and blends. Yes, 98. It requires quite a good system of floss organization. DMC floss on 18-count Aida.

I thought it would be a fairly quick project, but often weeks go by when I don’t look at it. I’m finding that it’s much faster to work now because the colours are paler and the watercolour original is a wash. The detailed areas with the flowers required a lot of confetti (isolated stitches of a single colour) stitches. This was before I’d figured out how to work them by starting the thread in the square to be stitched and ending it in an adjacent square where it would be covered by a different colour.

When I finish this piece, the next one in the queue is Lady and the Unicorn: Sense of Hearing. I chose the smaller version (318 x 410, 133 colours) so that I would have a chance of finishing it in this lifetime. It’s a good thing I like red.

  • Pin stitch tutorial, parts 1 and 2



2 Responses to “White Lilies Update”

  1. pam said

    Are you serious! You are really going to attempt the Unicorn?

    I hope you finish it in MY lifetime because i would love to see you completed piece.

    • apinnick said

      Or die in the attempt! 🙂 I cut the fabric last night and bought the floss today. Then I have to grid the fabric (mark it into a grid every 10 sts with thread), organize the floss into over 150 bags of different combos, and stretch the fabric in a frame. Oh my.

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