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Basket-Weaving Class at the Belly-Dancing Studio 3

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 6, 2009

Basket-weaving class 3

Finished Egg Basket

Last night we finished the egg baskets that we started in the second class. In the end I was happier with my basket than last week. I still have to wet it, shape the bottom, and burn the “threads” off the reeds.

My finished egg basket

New Basket Started

We began a new basket with wider reeds, building just the base. An example appears in this photograph. Although the basket looks round, it actually has a square base.

baskets and flat reeds

First we wove a square, with filler reeds between the reeds that will form the upright supports. The filler reeds are only used to space the support reeds so that they will be far enough apart when we weave the walls of the basket. They’re cut off close to the base, split up the middle, and each end is inserted under a weaving reed. Such an elegant finish!

Finished filler ends

Afterwards the ends of the support reeds were stabilized by twining a round weave around the base perimeter. This photo shows a few of the bases (carrying one home on a bus wasn’t a lot of fun, even with the support reeds tied into bundles). Mine is in the foreground. Tamar chose similar colours (to the right of mine), except that she used white filler strips where I used dark brown.

Basket bases


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