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Sign of Winter

Posted by Avital Pinnick on November 3, 2009

Seen at work this morning.

Well, duh


NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month.

Of course, every month has its NaBloPoMo and I’m sure that the “national” does not refer to Israel, but I saw it this morning and decided to give it a try. Yes, it’s November 3. Better late than never.

Yoga Mat Bag

I’m on the home stretch of the yoga mat bag. These photos illustrate a happy accidental solution. Keep reading.

When I began the carrying strap, I worked a 9-stitch wide strip, in rows back and forth. I don’t like flat crocheted straps. The edges are ratty looking and uneven and the rows stretch a lot. So I crocheted the strap in a tube, working round and round in a spiral. It showed a slight tendency to twist, so I steamed it with a hot iron before sewing it to the bag.

Two problems appeared:

  • The strap stretched until it was much too long
  • The mat was so heavy that the side of the bag was badly distorted
  • I never thought about the fact that a yoga mat is fairly heavy!

    Solution: I cut the stitches attaching the end of the strap to the top of the bag. I sewed the strap end into a loop around the strap itself, so that it formed a loose slip knot around the circumference of the bag. This shortened the strap appreciably, gave the bag considerably more support, and moved the end of the strap closer to the middle of the bag so that the bag length was more comfortable to handle.

    Carrying Strap with loop

    I was pretty happy with this modification. When I did a couple trial runs putting the mat into the bag and taking it out again, I found the strap loop tended to slip. That realisation gave rise to the next development: a “belt loop for the strap.” I crocheted a longish chain, threaded it through two posts above and below, and tied the ends.

    Carrying Strap (back view)

    The last discovery was that they don’t call yoga mats “sticky mats” for nothing. It’s not easy getting a sticky yoga mat into a crocheted cover! The bottom corner tends to roll up and one has to squeeze the mat into the bag like a sausage into its casing. I grabbed a plastic bag, covered the end of the mat, and voilà! With a plastic bag (aka mat sock) covering the end, the mat slid easily into the bag cover.

    If I were a serious over-achiever, I’d fit and sew a slippery lining into the bag to expedite the mat’s insertion, but I’m lazy. I did, however, sew some Irish crochet leaves and flowers onto the bag. More about that later.


    3 Responses to “Sign of Winter”

    1. Ann said

      Lazy? You? No way! I’m positive yours is the nicest/most unique mat in the class.

    2. apinnick said

      Actually, mine will be the only yoga mat bag in the class. Everyone else carries it in a shopping bag or under one arm. In fact, I am one of the few owners of a real yoga mat. Quite a few women use the rubber mats that you buy off the roll, probably because that was all that was available for years. But the rubber yardage isn’t cheap! It costs almost as much as a real mat from a sports store. It will be interesting to see whether anyone notices that my yoga mat bag has Irish crochet roses scattered on the outside…. 🙂

    3. Cynthia said

      Lots of cool stuff to think about. Thanks, Avital.

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