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Second Day of Sukkot

Posted by Avital Pinnick on October 4, 2009

I needed a break from guests and entertaining, so I went out with my camera and tripod to take a few photos on Saturday night.

One of our neighbours spends hours decorating his sukkah and he let me photograph it. He collects interesting things from junk shops and has found some amazing pieces among the trash.

Elaborately decorated sukkah

During the holiday we are supposed to try to live as much as possible in the sukkah. A family watches the “Wizard of Oz” on a laptop at night.

Movie night in the sukkah

I walked up Metsiltayim street and then up one of the staircases to HaNevel, to photograph Mitzpeh Nevo. This photo is not a panorama. It was cropped at the top to remove the expanse of empty sky and at the bottom to remove the water heaters and rooftops. One of these days I’ll try to put in notes about the lights on the horizon.

Mitzpeh Nevo at night

Actually, I had wanted to recreate a photo I took in December, 2007, when I had just bought a Canon PowerShot S5:

Mitzpeh Nevo Yeshiva at night

Here’s the version I took last night with the Canon Rebel XSi:

Mitzpeh Nevo Yeshiva at night

The lights have changed and the SLR has better focus.

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