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World’s Easiest Iced Tea

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 19, 2009

Iced Tea with Sunflare

When I say that I discovered the world’s easiest iced tea, I don’t mean “sun tea.” That would require too much advanced planning, like putting a jar of tea outside in the sun in the morning, when I’m still waking up with a triple strength Turkish coffee. Besides, leaving a pot of tea leaves in the sun is a great way to grow lots of life forms that you’d probably rather not ingest.

This method is safer and even easier. I didn’t invent it. I heard it in an interview with Paul Waddington, proprietor of Teasource, in the July 20, 2009, episode of The Splendid Table. (If you like good food and intelligent commentary, check it out. It’s a public radio show on food and food-related topics.)

World’s Easiest Iced Tea

2-3 tea bags (or their equivalent in loose tea)
1 quart water
lemon juice and sugar (or artificial sweetener) to taste

Put tea and water in a glass jar and refrigerate overnight. (I use a glass canning jar because I’m afraid that the tea would stain plastic pitcher. If you have glass pitcher with a lid, use that.) In the morning, strain out the tea loeaves or remove the tea bags. Add lemon juice and sugar to taste.

It’s clear and delicious, never bitter. It doesn’t require boiling, steeping, and cooling the tea, so very little advance planning is required.

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