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Sunrise over Amman, Take 2

Posted by Avital Pinnick on August 7, 2009

Sunrise over Amman, Take 2

Canon PowerShot S5 (72mm, f/4, 1/1000s, ISO80) on a tripod. If the focal length seems odd, it’s because this is a point-and-shoot. The 35mm equivalent is 454mm.

The sunrise and buildings are aligned better but not quite perfectly. This was taken at 6:01:49. It was an interesting experiment. I set up my tripod on the street between the first two Afikei Nevo buildings in Mitzpeh Nevo, Maale Adumim. I was lucky to get a clear shot. Some of the other buildings have stone walls running along the street and there’s no way to get to the other side, unless I want to climb over a fence and hike halfway down into the wadi. Because the extreme zoom eliminated the buildings and fence, this location was good enough.

You can see Israel in the foreground and Jordan in the background, on the horizon. The Israeli part is the hills near the Jordan valley, far beyond Maale Adumim’s Nofei Sela neighbourhood and Mishor Adumim. The Jordan Gate twin towers are 57 km from where I took the photo.

If you want to see what the sun and buildings looked like when they were aligned, here’s a small version of a shot taken at 6:03:22. It’s a pretty bad photo. Looks like the Jordan Gate is being nuked.

Crane on the south tower

The Jordan Gate Towers is a luxury commercial and residential project, still under construction. On May 16, 2009, the crane on the north tower collapsed from overload, with no injuries although the Egyptian operator was treated for shock. (CraneBlogger says the central jib crumpled in several places and that dismantling the crane at the height of 220 meters would be very tricky. His blog has a photo of the damaged crane.) The crane was dismantled in June, 2009. My photo shows the crane still standing on the south tower. To view it, click the photo to go to the Flickr page, click All Sizes, and choose Large or Original.

The finished size of the buildings has not been determined but several sources estimate 180 meters, higher than the 31-storey Le Royal Hotel in Amman. The developers are based in Bahrain. The north tower was built up to the 44th floor when the crane collapsed, so that gives you and idea of the current size.

Time to get some sleep.

One Response to “Sunrise over Amman, Take 2”

  1. Cody said

    Very cool sunrise photo. I like the progression of the sun rising. It’s a nice shot and the mountains in the distance going from a deep black to a lighter gray is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

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