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Video 2: Purim, 2009

Posted by Avital Pinnick on July 15, 2009

This video is an anomaly. It is by far the most popular video I’ve made (1,349 views as of today), but it’s also the least ambitious. It was the second video I tried making, when I barely knew how to hold the camera straight (in fact, you can see that it is quite wobbly). Production was minimal — no editing except a starting point at the beginning of the song and a cut at the end.

The close-up shot of the kid handing a couple sticks of cotton candy to the bus driver was a lucky accident, but it turned into the central point of the video. The minute I saw that sequence, I knew that I had to turn this clip into a video. Most video clips of street festivals have the pacing of a live newscast — no plot or movement, just vignettes and short scenes. This video starts with the song, the young teenagers dancing, and then the bus enters the action.

I think the simple reason for this video’s popularity is that it makes people feel good. Jewish kids are celebrating a Jewish festival and giving mishloah manot to a patient bus driver. It’s one of those “Only in Israel” moments.

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